Spay and neuter procedures are performed under anesthesia in the clinic. Our veterinarian will examine your pet before the surgery to make sure they’re healthy. They may suggest performing blood work or other analyses to check for abnormalities or underlying conditions as well. Our clean, safe facilities mean that you don’t have to worry about infection after your pet’s procedure. We take your pet’s health as seriously as you do.

Spay or Neuter Procedure

When you schedule a spay or neuter procedure, we’ll give you some pre-surgical guidelines for what to do the night before. This helps ensure a smooth experience for you and your pet. Once they’re here with us, we’ll make sure to go over any last minute questions you may have. After the procedure, our team will contact you with a summary of the surgery and to let you know when you can come pick up your pet from the clinic. We’ll send you both home with postoperative instructions so that you know exactly what your pet needs and when to call us in case any problems arise.