As our animals age, they often need just a little more care. Our veterinarians are happy to talk with you about when your pet might be considered a senior and what that means for them specifically. We often suggest that senior pet owners bring their animal in for more frequent wellness exams. These checkups make it easier to spot an illness in its earliest stages, allowing for more effective treatments. We know that you’ve likely had your older pets for a long time now, and we want to make sure their last years with you are as good as the first.

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We’re Here to Help You Say Goodbye

As your pet approaches the end of their life, we can offer quality-of-life assessments to let you know how much pain they may be in. We’ll tell you how any diseases they have are likely to progress, and what a timeline for symptoms could look like. Any decisions to euthanize are always in your hands, but we’re here to help you say goodbye to your beloved companions.