The purpose of wellness exams for pets and animals is to catch a disease in the first stages. This allows us to offer owners as many options as possible when it comes to treating their animal’s illness. Our goal is to make sure you’re as informed as possible about your pet’s overall health and help you to understand the treatments available. We offer wellness exams in our clinic.

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Wellness Exam Process

During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll take a look at their overall health from top to bottom and inside out. Our veterinarians generally suggest having a urinalysis performed to check on bladder and kidney health, as well as a fecal test to rule out the intestinal parasites that are so common in animals. They’ll check your pet’s heartbeat for irregularities, peek in their ears to see signs of illness, and look at the nose and eyes for unusual discharge. In addition to these steps, they’ll also want to talk with you about your animal’s behavior, such as their eating habits and energy levels. If your animal is overweight, we may suggest different foods or changing how you feed them. If you have any questions, we’ve found that it’s a good idea to write them down in advance so that you remember to ask the veterinarian during the wellness exam.