Getting Your Pet Spayed or Neutered in Cedar City

Pets are a wonderful part of our lives. They give us comfort when we’re feeling down, they share in our excitement, and they even act as a vacuum cleaner at the dining room table on occasion.

With so much love for these little creatures, it’s easy to think that more is always better. And while we’d rarely tell someone to skip that spur of the moment visit to the Humane Society or another shelter, we do suggest getting every pet spayed or neutered here in Cedar City.

Avoid Pet Overpopulation

Thousands of healthy, adoptable pets are euthanized in Utah, a problem that we struggle to come to terms with. The main cause? Pet overpopulation. There simply isn’t enough kind and loving homes out there for every pet that’s born. To prevent the tragedies that occur at some shelters, it’s vital that cat and dog owners get their pets spayed and neutered in the Cedar City area. Imagine the benefits of reducing the number of strays you find outside your front door and in shelters. As a state, we could even begin to help those around us by saving pets from other regions that are overwhelmed with too many animals. We like to think big when it comes to ensuring a bright future for all animals.

Benefits for Pet Owners

Spaying and neutering pets isn’t just good for your community, it’s great for you as a pet owner too! The odds of your pet getting a few types of cancer (generally those that attack the reproductive organs) are greatly reduced after the procedure. Many pet owners find their animals are calmer and have fewer behavioral issues. Your male pets are less likely to mark up the furniture or go roaming around in search of a temporary mate. Female pets won’t go into heat. You’ll often find that they’re less likely to escape the yard or the house. It’s a surgery that really does benefit everyone, from the pet to the owner to the community. 


If you have any questions about getting your pet spayed or neutered in Cedar City, please feel free to reach out to us at any time here at Color Country Animal Hospital.


Spay and Neuter, Cedar City

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